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American Poker V Overview

Wazdan continues to amaze countless online players with the many games its developers offer, including American Poker V. It’s a genuine wild card video poker model combined with classic rules. To help you better understand this game, this article summarizes the highlights you should know before activating the machine.

After accessing the American Poker V game interface, you will see the coin value, bet amount, maximum bet, balance and your win value per spin. If you need help, you can always go to the help section for support. The paytable is located on the left side, above the cards. The bonus account is located on the right side. One of the two speed modes can be activated by a picture of a turtle or a rabbit. You can also adjust the screen size and sound settings to your liking. American Poker V has a nice looking interface, which can be accessed even from your smartphone or tablet.

Features in American Poker V

American Poker V is a video poker game that displays a standard 52 card deck and a joker. Note that the joker can substitute any icon if needed. You have the option of playing American Poker V with a single hand. The bet varies from ten cents to one hundred dollars per spin. At the beginning of the game you will be dealt 5 cards, which you can exchange later. With a winning combination, you get the prize straight away. In American Poker V you have to find out the suit of the card to double your bet. This game also has a mini-bonus that allows each pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces to go up in the bonus meter. Once the amount reaches one hundred coins, each subsequent pair of these cards will produce a payout of that size. For your information, American Poker V has no progressive jackpot. With Royal Flush, you can pocket up to 800 times your bet if you plan to bet the maximum.

Of the classic varieties of video poker, Wazdan’s American Poker V is undoubtedly one of the easiest to access due to its convenient interface. In terms of winnings and bonuses, you don’t have to worry as this game offers big prizes and an exciting mini bonus. To keep you playing in favourable conditions, American Poker V comes with various settings to suit your mood.

American Poker Gold Overview

By playing American Poker Gold, developed by Wazdan, you will have the chance to try a new experience with 5 poker hands at the same time. With this video poker game, the appeal of each hand intensifies dramatically. Don’t waste any more time and find out what’s important in this excerpt highlighting the key features of this game.

In terms of background, the American Poker Gold machine has nothing to envy from other online games. Indeed, this slot displays a convenient interface to facilitate the integration especially for beginners. Also, the game is easily accessible for any player and proves to be a very popular recreational option. Even though this title offers a rather simple and classic interface, it is still very pleasant to watch. So if you like neat machines, you’re making the right choice with American Poker Gold.

Game Features

American Poker Gold uses a separate pack of cards for each line. However, the first transaction is the same for all lines. For each new application of the free Texas Hold’em game, you will have to make a bet. In this video poker game you have the possibility to release all blocked cards. Note that the blocked and unblocked cards in each line are in the same position. The exchange process is not necessary and makes up a new game. To make the game even more exciting, you can use the Joker and the Wild to get more wins. With Hit Royal Flush, you can make a maximum bet and win up to 1000 times your bet. With the Royal Flush option, the game must contain an Ace that cannot be substituted by a Joker.

American Poker Gold is a fairly easy to access video poker prototype. As far as winnings are concerned, players will be largely satisfied with the rewarding features, combined with the specific options that make the game even more interesting. Also, this game has all the necessary parameters to captivate the attention of the players, while offering favourable conditions to the users. For those who love poker games, American Poker Gold will live up to your expectations, both in terms of graphics and in terms of features that will make you experience the thrill.

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