Player Etiquette: How to Behave In a Casino – Tips and Rules

Casinos now appear at almost every corner. But before visiting one of them, each player must familiarize himself with the rules of etiquette in the gambling establishment. Regardless of whether you’re visiting your favourite online casino named Cookie Casino Canada, or a land-based casino, it’s equally important to know how to behave correctly.

The Basics of Casino Etiquette

casino Etiquette
  • Be polite and tactful. Every casino visitor needs to be careful about their behavior and treat everyone present – the staff of the establishment and other players – with respect. Despite the stereotypes imposed by Hollywood movies, there should be a calm atmosphere in the casino, so you should not disturb others with loud conversations or distract them from the game.
  • It is important to have only one seat at the gaming table. The same applies to slot machines – playing two machines at the same time, or simply occupying another seat is prohibited. This will not increase the chances of winning but will create discomfort to other visitors.
  • Be discreet. Every player in the casino must control his own emotions. It does not matter if he won or lost – you need to take control in time. It is worth understanding that it is not the dealer’s fault if the card was not played in his hand or the bet made was too high. The outcome of a casino game is a matter of chance, and you should be prepared for anything, and raising your voice, yelling at the dealer, or arguing with others involved in the game is a form of tactlessness.
  • Learn the rules of the game and basic croupier gestures. When planning a visit to a casino, but not having at least minimal gambling experience, you should prepare for your visit more thoroughly. It is worth thinking about which games you would like to play, and get acquainted with their principles and rules, so as not to raise silly questions in the process. Sitting down at the poker table, not knowing the possible combinations, is not fair to the dealer and other players.

In addition, many casinos use a system of croupier gestures. They are often used instead of verbal indications of situations that occur at the gaming table. That’s why it’s worthwhile for casino visitors to ask about their meaning in order to properly understand everything that’s going on. This will help avoid embarrassing situations and unpleasant consequences.

  • Respect other players’ time. Playing at a casino is a very responsible business. It is worth thinking hard about what bet or move to make, to continue playing or to quit. But, this should not be done for too long, so as not to delay others.

At the same time, this rule also works in the opposite direction – you should not immediately rush your opponents and confuse them. It’s worth giving them plenty of time to make a decision.

  • Find out how and where you can use cash. Of course, each casino’s internal rules may differ. There are establishments where cash can only be used at the cash register to exchange them for chips. But in other casinos, you can get chips from both the cash register and the dealer at the table. Before you start the game, you need to know what the rules are there, where you came from.

However, giving money in the hands of a dealer is not allowed, even in the second type of casino – it can be perceived as a bribe. To exchange cash for chips, you need to put money on the table and wait. This is due to the fact that all the dealer’s actions in the casino are recorded on camera for transparency of the gameplay, visitor safety, and fraud prevention.

  • Leave a tip. In casinos, as in many other areas of service, it is customary to leave tips for croupiers and waiters – it’s a sign of good manners. Regardless of whether a player wins or not, it’s worth thanking the staff who tried to make the time in the casino enjoyable and interesting. However, large sums should not be left. Tips can be given in cash if allowed, or a chip.
  • Follow the principles of responsible gambling. Players come to casinos to have fun. However, excitement can take over a gambler and push him into rash decisions. That’s why you should always remember the rules of responsible gambling – spend a limited amount of money on bets, do not try to win back, quit on time, control your emotions and keep a sober mind.

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