Top 3 online Poker games

Playing poker online is very simple, just make a deposit at an online casino or online poker room, and you will always have a demo mode to play poker for free. But once you learn how to recognize good poker hands and how to bluff players, you’ll be ready. Take advantage of our free games to make a difference and get involved in one of the hottest casino games on the internet.

Oasis Poker Classic 

How about practicing your poker skills before taking on the big boys? Designed by Evoplay Entertainment in March 2018, Oasis Poker Classic can prove to be an ideal mentor for fans of the card game.

With a 99.70% payout rate, Oasis Poker Classic is first and foremost a free online poker game that pits players against the house of games. Here, no twists are allowed, no bluffs are welcome. The minimum bet is $10 and can go up to $1,000 depending on the opponents. You can be sure that the players who will be at your side during the game will not be choirboys. In terms of winnings, it can reach 100,000 coins, depending on the stake.

Before the game starts, each player is asked to put in one or more chips (10, 25, 50 or 100), i.e. between 50 and 1,000 coins. The bet will be placed on the “Ante” field, once made, the player clicks on the “Deal” button.

The online dealer deals 5 cards to each player, two face up and three face down. At this point, the player can choose between folding to give up or doubling down. Once the remaining three cards are revealed, a comparison will be made as to whether the dealer or the player has the highest card combination. Note that the player can exchange up to 5 cards, in return for which he adds the value of his bet.

If the player wins the game, he/she receives the winnings according to the paytable. Click on “PayTable” to see the different payouts for card combinations. The highest combination is the Royal Flush, followed by the Full House. The player can opt for the Demo mode to understand the principle of poker. The more adventurous will opt for the real game.

Wild PokerĀ 

The online game DJ Wild Poker is the latest addition to the Shuffle Master game library. This game combines a few games with a rather unusual extra. If you are looking for an adventure with lots of prizes, try this online game DJ Wild Poker.

In this online game DJ Wild Poker, the feeling you get when you win a point is simply magical. In addition, the game contains an extra wild bonus card as well as a classic 52-card deck. To start the game in DJ Wild Poker, you must first set your bet. From the moment you receive the 5-card hand, the decision to call or fold is completely up to you. You can decide to fold or call and place a bet size of two antes in that condition.

How do I win?

In the online game DJ Wild Poker, there is a difference between winning a hand with and without a wild card in case you decide to play with the bonus travel option. Notably, you can win 200:1 with a straight flush, compared to only 30:1 with a wild flush. The best strategy is to raise with any pair or better and fold otherwise. Therefore, in DJ Wild Video Poker every hand can bring you priceless winnings. Note that the game offers a very attractive 99.22% return.

Game interface

For online gambling subscribers, the game interface is a very important parameter to appreciate or not an entertainment option. In DJ Wild Poker, the developers have made it easy for any player to find their way around. Indeed, the interface of the game is very clear and practical to facilitate the assimilation especially of the novices. In a short time, you will be able to understand the main lines of this game and have a good time.

The online game DJ Wild Poker is quite fun and rather easy to learn. Due to the high mobility of players, DJ Wild Poker has been optimized for mobile devices. So you can access it anytime and anywhere from your smartphone or tablet.

Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is a poker game that is fun to play and easy to get started with thanks to the availability of tips.

One of the variants of the table game is Casino Hold’em. According to popular belief, this game is a mixture of Blackjack and Texas Hold’em poker. As it is a poker game, the main objective of this game is to have the best five-card hand. These are obtained by combining two private cards and five community cards. In reality, this kind of online casino game contains 52 standard cards. But in order to play it, you need to understand the available rules first. Besides, the rules of poker are easy to follow. Only, it is essential to know how to rank the hands as it is done in 5-card poker.

Features of the game

Given the case, playing Casino Hold’em requires a certain amount of skill to get started. In this case, the chips must first be placed on the Ante square of the table. This is the so-called blind in poker. This is mandatory before making the Deal. Once the Ante is paid, the player and the dealer each receive 2 cards and 3 community cards. The remaining three cards must then be placed on this table.

For players making an optional bet, it should be noted that the straight is evaluated at the same time. The win depends on the formation of a pair of Aces by the cards at your disposal. For the alternative bet, it is possible to fold or lose the Ante. If the player is ready, they must raise immediately with double your original Ante. For the raise of 2 community and side cards, you have to place them on the table this time.

In the meantime, it is best to form the right hand with 5 cards. As soon as the player wins, there will be an automatic calculation made by a machine system. Then the hand will be compared with the dealer’s hand. Obviously, the one with the better hand will win.

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