Strolling Staxx Slot Machine

NetEnt returns and presents us with its Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruits slot. This is certainly the first slot of 2019. This title has a 5×3 grid and 10 paylines. This configuration marks the first difference with the two previous versions. Bets range from $0.15 to $300 (which is a very wide range). In addition, the HTLM5 technology makes it accessible on all platforms.

At first glance, the design of the game reminds us of Nintendo games, especially Mario titles. The similarities don’t stop at the visuals and graphics, as the background music and other effects also remind us of the famous plumber in the red hat. Cubes are present throughout the game, both in the background and on the main grid. 

Strolling Staxx Characteristics Slot Machine

  • Type: Slots.
  • Minimum bet: $0.01.
  • Maximum bet: $0.5.
  • Reels: 5.
  • Paylines: 10.
  • Software: Netent.
  • Theme(s): Fruit Slots.
  • Bonus: Yes.
  • Free spins: Yes.
  • Team Score: 9.3 / 10.

Whether it’s the trees or even the green bushes, the background scenery is scattered with elements of nature, but in a cube form (which many will enjoy). It is safe to say that only the flowers and the river look real. Blue represents the sky and the colour of the water in the beautiful river and green is the predominant colour of the scenery. The colours are on the whole bright and cheerful.

As for the symbols, they are no exception to the rule. They all look like they have been carved out of cubes! The regular symbols are either letters or fruits. These letters are the J, Q, K and A, the icons of a traditional card game. Their values are the lowest in the game. Then we have the fruits, which have slightly higher values: first we have the Red Cherries, then the Yellow Lemon, after the Red Strawberry also, and finally the highest winning symbol among the standard symbols, the Watermelon (maybe because it is the biggest fruit!). The latter is green and pays out as much as the golden W wild symbol. If you land 5 of these symbols in one spin, you can multiply your bet by just over 33. The symbols can appear on the reels in different shapes; either as 1X1 (normal shape), 2X3 (large shape) or 3X3 (huge shape).

Re-Spin and Extra Chance

Several features guarantee your pleasure. Although you don’t have the option of getting free spins, the Re-Spin feature will keep you enthralled. It is activated when the symbol you see on the panel to the left of your screen stacks up on a reel in the grid. This symbol will either be a large symbol or a gigantic symbol that is partially or completely visible. Subsequent rotations will cause the current position to move to a position further to the left. The function will only stop when the last symbol has been sent to the far left, with the help of the small river mentioned above; during this time the symbol on the panel does not change. However, the reels continue to spin, producing new combinations that can lead to further wins.

Near the maximum bet, you will see a Bonus Bet button. This little button will increase your winnings considerably. Your bets will be increased by 50% and you will have a better chance of getting huge symbols. This button activates the Extra Chance Feature, the name of which perfectly reflects the benefits you will receive as a result of its activation. If a Fruit symbol fills the entire grid, you will get 500 times your bet and 333 times your bet if the Bonus Bet button is activated. With all these features (Re-Spin and Extra Chance), users of this game can win up to 5,000 times their initial bet (or about $1.5 million for the maximum bet, as the bets on this game range from $0.15 to $300).

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